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Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun with Chatroulette. How to get UnBanned.

    Well is the next big thing.  You and a stranger...judging each other in milliseconds.  I must say I get "nexted" all day long.  I guess I just don't look like a person people want to talk to.  Its an ego crusher.
    Well what can we do to exploit this social experiment for fun and profit.  A softcam is a good start.  Softcam cam is a piece of software that emulates a webcam without having one.  I use ManyCam.  It broadcasts picture or video files as your webcam.  Somedays I play Fight Club for the pleasure of the kind people of, but you can play anything you heart desires.  Remember to get rid of the ManyCam logo in the text section of effects (uncheck ManyCam logo).
    Recently I was broadcasting as Optimus Prime and got banned.  Apparently if you get "reported F2" by enough people it bans you from broadcasting.  I was angry the site is full of naked men but Optimus Prime gets banned  I call shenanigans.
    I have a simple solution to unban yourself.  Start and you will get the ban message but you click ok and allow your cam.  Then right click on your cam window and choose settings.  A small window will open, click one the folder icon at the bottom of this window.  Now a slider will show up in the window, move it to 0.  It will warn you this will cause saved info for to be removed(GOOD). Click OK and then close.  Congratz  you are unbanned.
   Remember no one wants to see you naked...I'm talking to the guys. So please use this technique for good not wanking.  I only reveal this because I was wrongfully banned and it pissed me off.

UPDATE:  This post is over a year old.  If they are banning IP's you need to use proxies or get you ISP to renew your IP.  Most ISP's dont give static IPs so there are techniques for getting them to issue new ones.


  1. my screen doesn't give me that option, its just a white screen that says kicked in the top left hand corner

  2. mine says your ip adress has been banned... then goes to some other site... how do i fix that??

  3. Ya the same here and I didn't do anything wrong. So how do I get it back?

  4. They should log both ISP addresses with a dual-frame-capture, that way they can determine if there was a breach and warn the abusers, get them blocked instead!

    Also note the location of the button, people with poor eye/hand could easily miss while switching.

    Any programmers listening?

    You too Chatroulette people!

  5. me 2 it says ip blocked and goes to another site!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. yh i get the same problem as Sivakaran. i have changed my IP address 4 times yet its still doing it. anyone know how to contact chatroulette helpdesk as all i was doing is talking to people (like what it was designed for)and i suddenly get banned. also has anyone noticed that when it asks if your over 18 when it switches the page you dont have time to click either of the buttons to say your not over 18 and also the help button that explains why youve been blocked.


  8. I use VPN account too to unblock sites at work. It is secure and works fine.

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